How Did She Get There?

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Our How Did She Get There hub is home to the research we have been conducting over the past few years.

In order to combat the gender gap at work, organisations have too often focused on ‘fixing’ the women, asking them to be more demanding, to lean in, to be more like men. Put simply, this doesn’t work.

We wanted to do things differently.

Instead of focusing on why women are “failing”, we interviewed women in senior roles who are, despite the odds, thriving. We honed in on the women who are succeeding without changing themselves to fit the prevailing paradigm. These women are thriving on their own terms. Our intention has been to gain an understanding of their common experiences and to glean how women can reach the top whilst remaining themselves. This research revealed several unexpected patterns, which in turn led to several starter solutions for organisations, which we hope will benefit all.

The research continues to grow and we intend to include more and more voices. Feel free to read each chapter, browse the resources of thought leaders, and contribute your own story.

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We are profoundly grateful to everyone who contributed to this research to make it possible.


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