Jane Sassienie

Jane Sassienie

Senior Client Director at BRIDGE

Our research was led by Jane Sassienie at BRIDGE. With more than 20 years of working in the field, Jane leads the development of our people. She is also a major contributor to BRIDGE’s thought leadership and the development of our programmes and approaches.

During her years supporting organisations and senior leaders, she witnessed organisations implementing solutions that were focused on fixing women rather than ineffective institutionalised workplace culture. Moreover, she noticed that most academic research was focused on how women fail in the workplace as opposed to how women are succeeding. She decided to do something about it, embarking on a journey that saw her interview dozens of women, capturing observations and patterns as they emerged. Hence, HDSGT was born!

Jane has been a Senior Client Director for BRIDGE for 24 years and has an MSc in ‘Change Agent Skills and Strategies’, BA in Fine Art and Art History. She is a Master Practitioner in (New Code) Neuro-Linguistics and a Practitioner in Ericksonian language patterns. Jane has training in Gestalt processes for groups, Transactional Analysis, Cybernetics and systems theory and is a qualified transpersonal psychotherapist.

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