April 13, 2023

Female Inner Power podcast

Jane Sassienie joins Noomi Melchoir Natan on her Female Inner Power podcast, sharing her thoughts and knowledge from her recently published research paper, ‘How Did She Get There’.

Jane Sassienie is a Director of Bridge Partnership, a global consultancy that helps evolve leaders and organisations to be a force for good in the world. Bridge’s recently published research paper, ‘How Did She Get There’, looks at what organisations can learn from women in senior roles who are succeeding – without changing themselves to fit the prevailing paradigm. Jane has an unusual combination of training in fine art, psychology and psychotherapy, an interest in human systems, organisational constellations and systems theory that give her unique insights into what is going on in a business culture and how to shift it. In addition to her role at Bridge, she is a founding member of the Bridge Institute, bringing together governments, NGOs and business leaders to try and solve some of the world's biggest crises.

In this conversation Jane shares her thoughts and knowledge about:

  • How the female narrative has been shaped – and distorted – by history
  • What true leadership should look like
  • Why some women are choosing not to lead
  • How women lead naturally – and how we can become leaders without changing ourselves or becoming ‘honorary men’
  • What needs to change to facilitate more women becoming leaders

…and she shares the five main findings of Bridge’s How Did She Get There research which reveals qualities shared by successful women leading on their own terms.


Riane Eisler’s book, The Real Wealth of Nations

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